A kind of Goodbye

Dear GoSAILING friends,

it’s been a hell of a journey. In only 10 years we’ve organized top rated European and World Championships (we have to dig out, how many of each ;), not to mention numerous Nationals.

Our Team was growing, each event has made us reacher and more experienced, we’ve built many friendships and learned many tricks (thank you, judges and other sailing friends).

The opportunity to join our forces together with our friends (who were on many events part of our staff) from Pirat Sailing Club was the one, we did not want to miss out.

We strongly believe in cooperation and share a mutual goal: to get better, stronger and to be able to bring the most exciting events and sailing classes to our home port of Portorož.

So here we are, cheering from the “upper” side of the bay, where we now “leave”.

Come and see us in Pirat Sailing Club or just hop on the website www.klub-pirat.si.

We will keep this website alive for a bit longer, to say proper goodbye and then we will shut it down.

It was nice sailing with you, come and visit us in our “new” port.

Katarina and Mitja