Second racing day of the UFO 22 European Championship and the Slovenian Fireball & Flying Junior National Championship is behind us

The second racing day of UFO European Championship and Fireball & Flying Junior Slovenian National Championship gathered even bigger fleet of sailors, joined by opties, sailing the Lea Molinari Cup and the afternoon GoSailing Cup.
The racing day started with no breeze and an UP up. Soon the wind picked up enough for the sailors to take their positions on the starting lines of two different racing courses. One was for UFOs only and the other was shared between fireballs and FJ, opties and the GoSailing Cup. The conditions were more stable today and the sunny day offered some pleasant temperatures, but the wind was low and not too steady.
Bojan Gale, a race officer on the UFO course and David Bartol, a race officer for fireballs, FJs, opties and GoSailing Cup, gave us a brief report on what was going on.
Bojan Gale: We managed to complete three races in low wind, that didn’t exceed 7 knots. Most of the time the wind on the racing course moved around 5-6 knots. Interesting is the todays wind direction from 340 degrees, which is extremely rare in Piran bay. The wind dropped some more in the last race and shifted a bit, forcing us to shorten a course and reposition the second top mark. The sailing is generaly nice, and fleet can be obviously divided into a very skilled group of sailors with plenty of experiences on this boat, and to less experienced ones, that are yet discovering the proper boat settings, which play, alongside the boat handling, an important role in finishing with a good result. The European Championship is already regular, but we’ll still try to make three more races tomorrow.
David Bartol: After the wind settled from around 340 degrees, the first start was given for all three fleets – fireballs, FJs and opties. The opties on the shorter course finished first and could very soon start their second race on the wind limit around 5 knots. Low wind forced us to shorten a racing course for fireballs and FJs’s second race, and the FJs had to finish their second race on the top mark. Opties finished three races today and the other two classes two. A little after 3 pm the start was given for GoSailing Cup – Barcolana for dinghies, that gathered dinghy sailors from six different classes – fireballs, FJ, europas, laser 4.7 and dinghies.
The start of tomorrow’s races is scheduled for 11 am, stay tuned for today’s official results.

Official Results
UFO22 European Championship 2015 after Day 2:

Fireball Open National Championship 2015 after Day 2:

Flying Junior Open National Championship 2015 after Day 1:

4th GoSAILING Cup – “Everybody GoSAILING 2015”: