GoSAILING Performance Cup 2011 – Day 3 – Races – Live Feed

Morning in the dinghy park was a bit cloudy and with no wind, just fine to have some coffee, donuts and skippers meeting.
Our Wind Guru Jure Jerman has forecasted up to 10 kts and again a nice summery day for today – and as usually, his forecast was correct:
we have 8-10 kts on the racing course and lovely 27 degrees.

Other classes (FD and A-Class) have finished racing yesterday, so today it is only MPS class on the racing course.
There are 36 skiffs racing and here is the update:

MON, Sep 12, 13:45
Race 1 has finished in a very light wind of 5 kts.
After the recall the second start was successful and the results are:
1. place: Ben Schooling (GBR 291)
2. place: Chris Sutherland (AUS 429)
3. place: Mitja Margon (SLO 436)

MON, Sep 12, 14:00
Starting procedure for Race 2 has just started.

MON, Sep 12, 15:08
Race 2 is finishing, the first 3 sailors, who have crossed the finishing line are:
1. place: Giacomo Giovanelli (ITA 377)
2. place: Iver Ahlmann (GER 370)
3. place: Ben Schooling (GBR 291)

MON, Sep 12, 15:25
Starting procedure of Race 3 in process.

MON, Sep 12, 16:32
Last competitor has crossed the finish line.
Race 3:
1. place: Alastair Conn (GBR 130)
2. place: Iver Ahlmann (GER 370)
3. place: Nicolas Duchoud (SUI 109)

MON, Sep 12, 17:19
Pasta with mushrooms 🙂
Final results follow in the next post…