MPS Europeans 2011 – 1st Entrant

In just a few days after publishing NoR and Entry form, we have received the first entry. We are happy to announce that Yaroslav Petrov from Russia is the first entrant to 2011 MPS European Championship.

He benefited also the “Early Entry Fee” option (see NoR for details) and he is also planning his holidays in Slovenia – we hope Newsletters will bring enough info to have a nice stay in Slovenia.

Thank you, Yaroslav and looking forward to seeing you here!

Also, the first answers on Flag Survey (see NewsLetter 1 for details) are coming in and all are positive! We have even received some requests for “Take away” flag stickers for extra (spare) main sails. We will consider offering extra stickers on site, during the Championship.

Thank you all for your answers and don’t hesitate to send us questions and feed-back,