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Fireball Open Slovene Nationals 2018

Another sailing weekend is past us.
Beside Slovene Nationals, Fireball sailors joined also for the last race of Euro Nationals League, which this year was sailed for the first time.

It is an interesting format: results of all EU National Championships (SLO, SUI, CZE, BEL, FRA and ITA) are joined in one separate Cup.

We had the pleasure of raising flags for 10 teams from Czech Republic, Switzerland and Slovenia.
The races of the first two days were sailed in a pleasant sunshine and around 10kts of Sea Breeze, so typical for the Bay of Portorož.
The third day was a very interesting one – the Bora hit the race course, and just after the last race (Race No. 9) was finished and the Fireballs were literally flying back to the Marina (with about 22kts of wing and no waves: woohooo!), the rain started pouring onto the whole area – land and sea.
However, in the end it was not too bad, the rain has stopped, packing was easy, the only tiny unpleasant moment was when the temperature has dropped for almost 15 deg C (!)…yes, the autumn has stepped in officially.

Anyways, everybody was happy with the weekend and the regattas.
We congratulate the podium crews (please scroll down for official results):
Fireball Slovenian National Championship 2018: 1. Matija Kocjančič-Marko Volk (SLO 14989), 2. Anže Flis-Benjamin Jurič (SLO 14861), 3. Miha Kavčič-Tomo Pečaver (SLO 14730)
Fireball Open Slovene National Championship 2018: 1. Christina Haerdi-Cedric Landerer (SUI 14859), 2. Matija Kocjančič-Marko Volk (SLO 14989), 3. Jiri Benes-Jakub Napravnik (CZE 14949)

Scroll down to have a look at a few photos and a video to get a taste of it, more photos are published on our Facebook page/Albums – just click on the links to open Photo Albums:
1. FBL SLO Nationals 2018 – Day 1 photos:
2. FBL SLO Nationals 2018 – Day 2 photos:
3. FBL SLO Nationals 2018 – Day 3 photos:

Next year we hope you all will be joined by more sailors in this fun class.
Have a safe trip home and all the best,