Jutri je zadnji dan za redne prijave na FBL EP in SP!

Tomorrow is the last day for Regular Entry for FBL Europeans and Worlds! (scroll down for ENG)

termin za (običajne) prijave se izteče jutri, trenutno stanje prijav pa je 68 posadk. Seveda je prijava po tem datumu še možna, a bo dražja. Stanje je trenutno takšno:

1. BEL 2
2. CAN 1
3. CZE 14
4. FRA 1
5. GBR 19
6. GER 1
7. IRL 5
8. ITA 4
9. SLO 15
10. SUI 6
TTL: 68

Dear Sailors,
Regular Entry Deadline is tomorrow, after that date you will of course still be able to enter both championships, but for a higher fee.
Currently 68 Teams have entered – updated entry list is available on the following link: https://app.box.com/s/esn5al5pyuxs1c11ysib.
If you are still reconsidering – don’t hesitate – we will organize a great championship – just have a look of what Musto Skiff competitors had to say when they sailed Europeans in Portoroz in 2011:

Sergej Samus – GBR 456
“My big thanks to everyone from the “go sailing” team. Indeed it was worth every penny spent of the entry fee. even very light winds, broken toe and a miserable result, couldn’t spoil it for me 🙂
Best ever event we’ve been to, with Mitja, Katra and the rest of the team having put all their hearts into making everyone feel special. Thanks again guys.”

John Archer – GBR 154
“Brilliant stuff, many thanks, great event in Slovenia. I hope Katra will be busy when we’re in Weymouth next year otherwise I’d suggest begging her help to organise!”

Iver Ahlmann – GER 370
“I would also like to reinstate a big thanks to Team GoSailing for organising such a fantastic event. Your hospitality for the class was second to none! Video footage of the event has now been broad- casted on Slovenian National TV (between 6:00 and 10:00) Well done to the GoSailing Team for doing such a great PR job!”
Still udecided?