Check the brand new promotional video from Portoroz

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Check what www.portoroz.si has to say about this video:

“The” video of this summer! Casting over 150 people and filmed in the air, on the ground and under the water. More information on the video available at www.portoroz.si .

This is the craziest journey around Portorož and Piran in the company of more or less familiar faces who definitely let themselves go this time and enjoyed a heck of a good time. The actress Eva Jurca, the Minister Patrick Vlašič, Mayor of Piran Peter Bossman, the musicians Lucienne Lončina and Slavko Ivančič, the world’s football legend Franco Baresi, the actress Ana Marija Mitić, writer and poet Vasilij Polič, fairy-tale writer Folke Tegetthoff and a number of other Portorož and Piran fans.

Perfectly matching the video’s dynamics, Magnifico’s hit Hir aj kam hir aj go – which is also one of the few Slovenian popular music songs famous abroad – was selected as the musical background.

The video was produced in the collaboration between AV studio d.o.o., Snaut video productions and STVA d.o.o.

It should also be pointed out that we took great care of the environment while filming. Indeed, vespa had enough fuel to only make a few meters thus the sea flora and fauna were left practically unharmed. Eva and vespa also got away without a scratch… 🙂

You should definitely have a look!